A well-traveled Way: An Autobiography by Clifton Way PDF

By Clifton Way

ISBN-10: 1534851747

ISBN-13: 9781534851740

R. Clifton “Cliff” Way’s adolescence didn't bode good for his destiny. Born within the tiny northern Newfoundland fishing group of Flower’s Cove, Cliff was once seven whilst he misplaced his mom to tuberculosis. while he used to be 11, his father died from a mind tumor, leaving younger Cliff within the care of his grandparents.

Cliff may need spent his existence operating within the demise Newfoundland cod-fishing undefined, yet he confirmed a great flare for teachers, finishing grade 9 in a one-room schoolhouse at age 13. His instructor instructed the younger guy be transferred to the Grenfell institution in St. Anthony, the place he lived for 2 years on the Grenfell project Orphanage.

The mission’s strong embody of Christianity instilled Cliff with a necessity to serve others and driven him to excel in his stories. He went directly to graduate from McGill University’s clinical college and entire his postgraduate paintings at 3 assorted hospitals in Canada and one in Oregon. eventually he turned a professor of pediatrics and director of the pediatric cardiology carrier at McMaster University.

A Well-Travelled Way explores the deep function Christianity performed in a single man’s existence, molding his educational and private pursuits right into a lifetime of significant provider. It outlines his formative years and early schooling as an orphan put within the care of the Grenfell undertaking at St. Anthony, in Northern Newfoundland and, via their support, his growth via changing into a physician (graduate of Bishop's and McGill University). The publication maintains via his post-graduate schooling in Montreal, Vancouver, and Portland, Oregon, and his go back to clinical carrier at St. Anthony and later to St. Johh's. It information his key position within the early improvement of the Janeway kid's clinic and starting of the clinical college at Memorial college prior to finishing his occupation because the first complete time Pediatric heart specialist on the college of overall healthiness Sciences, McMaster collage, Hamilton, Ontario. Dr. means contains info of his involvement in neighborhood church paintings and christian carrier in each group the place he educated and lived. He, and his spouse Betty, now dwell in Binbrook, a suburb of higher Hamilton.

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